Most of us aren’t this blatant when we go to these early morning meetings. Besides, sleeping while sitting isn’t very comfortable.

It seems like once or twice a year, each stake will hold a General Priesthood Meeting.  It is usually on a Sunday, very early in the morning.  Ours is a 6:30 AM.  Why the ridiculously early hour?  It seems like the leaders pick this time because who needs sleep?  The rationale is that nobody has any conflicting reasons not to come–as if sleep is not a good excuse to miss the meeting.  Why can’t they hold these meetings in the evenings?  I’ve never seen very good attendance at this early hour.  It seems that most people who go are in bishoprics, or quorum presidencies, along with a few “godly” men who come.  The rest of us are in bed.

Americans are notoriously sleep-deprived.  Why do our leaders discount sleep as a valuable part of our lives?  Do you find anything praiseworthy about these meetings?