In this post, I’ll add two additional bits of information about the Wheaties and Tareific Award winners. (If you haven’t already seen it, here is the post showing the results.) First, I’ll list winners alongside past winners in the same category. Second, I’ll show voting results for the most-answered questions cross-tabulated with each other, so you can see, for example, which group blogs were preferred by voters for each of the candidates on the best big blog question.

Award Results from Previous Years

The original Bloggernacle awards were the Niblets, hosted at Bloggernacle Times and later at other blogs. After a hiatus in 2011, Wheat and Tares brought them back as the Wheaties/Tareific Awards in 2012. Here is a list of where these awards were hosted each year, along with a link where available:

2005: Bloggernacle Times (no longer online)
2006: LDS Niblets (link; see also here for some graphs)
2007: Trash Calls (link, but note that the blog is now viewable by invitation only)
2008: Mormon Matters (link)
2009: Mormon Matters (link)
2010: Bloggernacle Times (no longer online)
2011: none
2012: Wheat and Tares (link; see also here for some graphs)
2013: Wheat and Tares (link; see also here for some graphs)

Best big blog

2014: By Common Consent
2013: Feminist Mormon Housewives
2012: Feminist Mormon Housewives
2010: By Common Consent
2009: By Common Consent
2008: By Common Consent
2007: By Common Consent
2006: By Common Consent
2005: By Common Consent / Times and Seasons

After a two-year hiatus, BCC storms back to seize the title back from fMh!

Best group blog

2014: Wheat and Tares
2013: Rational Faiths
2012: Doves and Serpents
2009: Segullah
2008: Segullah
2007: Zelophehad’s Daughters (won for best small blog)
2006: Zelophehad’s Daughters
2005: Nine Moons

So it looked like ZD had won, but then after further review we didn’t win? I smell a scandal! Is anyone up for a meme war, like they had in the old days? But seriously, congratulations to W&T!

Best podcast

2014: Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast
2013: Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast
2012: Mormon Stories
2006: Mormon Stories (won write-in category)

Best Facebook community or discussion forum

2014: Feminist Mormon Housewives Society
2013: exMormon reddit
2012: Feminist Mormon Housewives Society

Best Bloggernacle controversy

2014: Kate Kelly excommunication
(This is a new category.)

Funniest blog

2014: Just Say Amen Already
2013: Just Say Amen Already
2012: Sistas in Zion
2009: My Regis Blog

Best apologetic blog

2014: Mormon Interpreter
2013: Mormon Interpreter

Best new blog

2014: MormonPress
2013: Aspiring Mormon Women
2012: Peculiar People
2009: Sistas in Zion
2008: Keepapitchinin
2007: Juvenile Instructor / Mormon Matters
2006: Mormon Mentality
2005: Snarkernacle

Best solo blog

2014: Flunking Sainthood
2013: Keepapitchinin
2012: Keepapitchinin
2009: Keepapitchinin
2008: Keepapitchinin
2007: Dave’s Mormon Inquiry (most votes of any solo blog for best small blog)
2006: Dave’s Mormon Inquiry
2005: Dave’s Mormon Inquiry

Wow! Jana Riess’s blog takes the best solo blog title that Ardis Parshall’s Keepapitchinin had taken for four years running! I agree with a commenter on one of the voting threads: all three nominees for best solo blog (Gina Colvin’s KiwiMormon was the third) are truly excellent, and it was difficult to choose among them.

Best new blogger

2014: Kristine A, BCC/W&T
2013: Mike C, ZD

Best blogger

2014: Julie M. Smith, T&S
2013: Winterbuzz, fMh
2012: Hawkgrrrl, W&T and BCC
2010: Ardis E. Parshall, Keepapitchinin
2009: Tracy M., BCC
2008: Ardis E. Parshall, Keepapitchinin and T&S
2007: Kevin Barney, BCC
2006: Wilfried Decoo, T&S
2005: Wilfried Decoo, T&S

Best commenter

2014: New Iconoclast (aka Grey Ghost)
2013: Hawkgrrrl
2012: Hawkgrrrl
2010: MikeInWeHo
2009: MikeInWeHo
2008: Ray
2007: Julie M. Smith
2006: gst
2005: annegb

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I didn’t even realize that New Iconoclast and Grey Ghost were the same commenter until shortly before he was nominated. Kudos on the win!

Funniest thread

2014: Every Bloggernacle Argument About Feminism, As Told in GIFs – Petra, ZD
……… If You Like Trunk-or-Treats You Probably Don’t Have a Testimony – Scott B., BCC
2013: The Ordain Women October 5th Action as told in GIFs – EOR, Expert Textperts
2012: Nacle Notebook 2012: Funny Comments – Ziff, ZD
2009: Come, Ye Poets of the Bloggernacle – Karen H., BCC

Best post title

2014: What Would Dolores Umbridge Do? – Hawkgrrrl, W&T
2013: Date Me, NOT My Uterus – Tracy M, BCC
2012: Exactly 1000 words on pants – Cynthia L., BCC
2009: How Wide the Divide . . . and can we ever Bridget? – Kaimi, T&S
2008: For I was an hungered, and ye shot me – Kris Wright, BCC (voted as a write-in for best title)

Best satirical post

2014: Neckties: Priesthood Attire or Lucifer’s Lust Pointer? – Cruelest Month, Exponent
2013: Brother Jake: Mormons are Not Sexist – Bro. Jake, W&T

Best post series

2014: When the Temple Hurts – Sara Katherine Staheli Hanks, fMh
2013: Equality Is Not a Feeling – Heather, D&S

Best post on feminism

2014: Why aren’t the women included in this? – Lori Burkman, RF
(This is a new category.)

Best apologetic post

2014: What the Hell did Joseph Mean By Translation? – Michael Barker, RF
2013: A Survey and Critique of the Different Resurrection Hypothesis – Michael Barker, RF

Best spiritual post

2014: “Such a Time as This,” Remarks at Stanford Convocation – Cynthia L., BCC
2013: “Bound Hand and Foot with Graveclothes” – Kristine, BCC
2012: All Eternity Shakes: Mormonism’s Weeping God – Jacob Baker, BCC
2009: Tears in Heaven: A LDS Perspective on Stillborn and Miscarried Babies – JA Benson, Millennial Star
2008: Auld Lang Sin – Russell Arben Fox, BCC
………. When Saw We Thee an Awkward Preteen? – Kristine, BCC

Best doctrinal post

2014: Disgracing God to Save a Prophet – Lori Burkman, RF
2013: No Offense . . . – Ifrit, fMh
2012: Are We Paying Too Much Tithing? – Rock Waterman, Pure Mormonism
2010: A Rant about Scriptural Literalism – Ardis E. Parshall, Keepapitchinin
2009: There is an End to Race – Brad Kramer, BCC
2008: Is There Another Approach? – Julie M. Smith, T&S
………. “Never Lead Us Astray.” and Dissonance – AdamF, Mormon Matters
2007: Why I Liked President Beck’s Talk (Mostly) – Kristine, BCC (voted best post)

Best personal post

2014: Infertility: Sometimes it hurt to be a Mormon – Camille, RF
2013: When you ask for bread and receive a stone. Forgiving Our Leaders and Finding Ourselves – fMhLisa, fMh
2012: To See Face to Face – Kristine, BCC
2009: A Study in Contrasts: The Dole – Tracy M., BCC
2006: Dressing the Dead – Ardis E. Parshall, T&S (voted best post)
2005: Coffee – Wilfried Decoo, T&S (voted best post)

Best faith crisis post

2014: When the Levee Breaks – Lori Burkman, RF
2013: 25 Things You’re Doing Wrong – Michael Barker, RF

Best current events post

2014: Do Women Count? – Julie M. Smith, T&S
2013: An Appeal to Those Concerned But Not Yet Alarmed by Climate Change – GeorgeH, LDS Earth Stewardship
2012: On Nastiness: Why nice Mormons can be so very very mean (about Pants) – fMhLisa, fMh
2010: Fascinating Womanhood – Stephanie, fMh (voted best political post)
………  Everything that is wrong with LDS Gospel Teaching series – John C., BCC (voted as best post on contemporary Mormonism)
2009: Captain Moroni is NOT a man of God – Brad Kramer, BCC
2008: TAMNers Goes to Washington! – TAMN, Seriously So Blessed

Best post on the temple

2014: The Mormon Priestess (The Short Version) – Elisothel, fMh
(This is a new category.)

Best book/article review

2014: The Crucible of Doubt – A Review – Adam Miller, T&S
2013: Satan’s Plan 2.0: Deseret Book Edition – Edward Jones, RF
2012: Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet–A Round Table – Juvenile Instructor
2009: Review: The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance – Amri Brown, BCC

Best post on church policy

2014: Church Discipline: Women Disciplined By Men – April Young Bennett, Exponent
2013: This Must Stop: A Call to End Sexually Invasive Interviews – Kam, D&S

Best contribution to the Bloggernacle

2014: Year of Polygamy Series – Lindsay Hansen Park, fMh Podcast
(This is a new category.)

Best contribution to interfaith dialogue

2014: Grace for Grace
2013: Jana Riess, The Twible
2012: Joanna Brooks
2009: Bridget Jack Meyers at Clobberblog
2008: Bridget Jack Meyers (voted “Nicest ‘Evil Villain’”)

Best Mormon activism

2014: Rational Faiths pledge to Liahona Children’s Foundation
2013: Ordain Women
2012: All Enlisted: Wear Pants to Church Day (voted by write-in)

Best LGBT activism

2014: When it comes to equality, which side of history are you on? – Lori Burkman, RF
(This is a new category.)

Best online Mormon awards

2014: Wheaties & Tareific Awards – W&T
(This is a new category.)

Wheaties write-in

2014: Best blog phrase: “The PRethren” – Villiami
2013: Ziff, Commissioner of the Bloggernacle
2012: Best Social Activism: All Enlisted – Wear Pants to Church Day
2010: BCC Zeitcast
2009: Best community: fMh
2008: Best sideblog: BCC
2007: Best controversies: Married Mormon Graduate Students on Welfare – Is It Right?(Devyn S. at Mormon Mentality) / Waldorf Style Nursery (Artemis at fMh)
2006: Best podcast: Mormon Stories

Best #Twitterstake feed

2014: By Common Consent (@ByCommonConsent)
(This is a new category.)

Best LDS anonymous account

2014: LDS Bishop (@ldsbishop)
(This is a new category.)

Funniest #Twitterstake feed

2014: Mormon Shorts (@mormonshorts)
(This is a new category.)

Best LDS breaking news

2014: Peggy Fletcher Stack (@ReligionGal)
(This is a new category.)

Best #ldsconf coverage

2014: By Common Consent (@ByCommonConsent)
(This is a new category.)

Best #churchtweets

2014: Kristine A (@_Kristine_A)
(This is a new category.)

Best #twitterstake news in one place

2014: This Week In Mormons (@TheRealTWiM)
(This is a new category.)

Worst Mormon internet drama

2014: General Conference confusion – the debate over whether the General Women’s Meeting is actually part of Conference.
2013: Daniel Peterson’s ongoing drama over Mormon liberals, John Dehlin, and his totally unrelated career change
2012: Pantspocalypse

Worst commenter

2014: Jettboy
2013: Jettboy (won for worst comment)

Biggest soapbox commenter

2014: Jettboy
2013: Donnette Moore (aka Elizabeth Johnston) and various sock puppets on Let Women Pray and other Mormon Feminist sites.
2012: Nick Literski

Worst place for believers

2014: Mormon Stories Facebook group
(This is a new category.)

Worst online Mormon awards

2014: Times and Seasons’s “Mormon of the Year” (where votes don’t count?)
(This is a new category.)

Tareific write-in

2014: Worst Mormon activism: Mormon Women Stand
2013: Worst Post/Youtube video about Modesty: Jessica Rey
2012: Worst Comments: Facebook comments on the Pants page

Cross-tabulated Results

In this section I’ll show tables where votes are cross-tabulated for two questions at a time. To reduce the number of tables, I’ll only look at questions that received at least 200 total votes. One thing to note is that in matching up votes for different questions, I used IP address as the identifier. A few IP addresses voted more than once on some of the questions, so for those, I just took the first vote on each question. This means, though, that the vote totals in these tables will be a little lower than the vote totals you’ll see if you look at the results on the voting post.

These are the six questions that received at least 200 votes: best big blog, best group blog, best solo blog, best blogger, best podcast, and best controversy. This means there are 15 tables: (6×5)/2 = 15.

Best big blog and Best group blog

group blog + big blog

I’ve left cells blank where the vote count is zero to make it easier to see the nonzero counts. I’ve also colored the cells green where there are unexpectedly high vote counts and orange where there are unexpectedly low vote counts. What I mean by unexpectedly high or low isn’t just that the vote count itself is high or low, but that it’s high or low, given the total number of votes drawn by each blog, and assuming voting on one blog isn’t related to voting on the other blog. For example, look at the 8 in the first column for people who voted for BCC for best big blog and Juvenile Instructor for best group blog. This is colored green because, given the total numbers of votes drawn by BCC and JI, this is a surprisingly high number to vote for that combination: two thirds of all JI votes come from BCC supporters alone, even though there are three other blogs in the running for best big blog. The relatively high number of votes suggests that perhaps voting for BCC is related to voting for JI.

In case you’re interested, I’ll work through the math for this example. If you’re not, I’ll understand if you skip to the next table. All the calculations use only votes by voters who voted for both questions, so the “(skip)” row and column are ignored. There were a total of 207 voters who voted on both questions. We can find this by totaling up all counts that fall in the columns other than skip and rows other than skip. (An easier way to get to this value is to find the number of voters being excluded for skipping at least one of the questions and subtract it from the total number of voters. There are 86 voters in the skip row and 69 voters in the skip column, but this double-counts the 38 voters who skipped both questions [listed at the intersection of the skip row and the skip column], so the total number excluded is 86 + 69 – 38 = 117. If we subtract this from the total number of voters [324] we get 207.) Of these, BCC drew a total of 86 votes (a total of 100 minus the 14 in the skip row), or 41.55%. JI drew a total of 12 votes (12 minus zero in the skip column), or 5.80%. If voting for BCC and JI were independent of one another, then the number of votes we would expect to see in this cell is the product of these two percentages multiplied by the total number of votes: 41.55% * 5.80% * 207 = 4.99. (A shortcut to get to this value is to multiply the totals for each blog, and divide by the total number of votes: [86 x 12]/207 = 4.99.) I’ve used a difference of three votes between actual votes and expected votes in a cell to apply the green or orange color, so for this cell the calculation is 8 actual – 4.99 expected = 3.01 difference, and the cell just barely qualifies. There’s nothing special about this cutoff of three: I chose it to try to get a few cells, but not many, highlighted in each table.

It looks like BCC voters also like JI and Modern Mormon Men, fMh voters prefer the Exponent and ZD (feminist solidarity!), Rational Faiths voters prefer Exploring Sainthood and No More Strangers, and T&S voters prefer W&T.

For the rest of the tables, I’ll just show them and comment a couple of times on the most obvious trends, but you can probably see the patterns as well as I can, so feel free to weigh in with comments on anything you find interesting.

Best big blog and Best solo blog

solo blog + big blog

Best big blog and Best blogger

blogger + big blogYou can definitely see the home blog advantage working here. Lori Burkman is preferred by RF voters and Julie Smith is preferred by T&S voters (but also by BCC voters).

Best big blog and Best podcast

podcast + big blogAgain, it’s no surprise that voters for a blog also tend to vote for the blog’s podcast, in the case of both fMh and RF.

Best big blog and Best controversy

controversy + big blog

Best group blog and Best solo blog

group blog + solo blog

Best group blog and Best blogger

group blog + blogger

Best group blog and Best podcast

I’m sorry this one is a bit small. There were just so darn many candidates for both questions that it’s hard to fit them all in one table.

group blog + podcast

Best group blog and Best controversy

group blog + controversy

Best solo blog and best blogger

solo blog + blogger

Best solo blog and Best podcast

podcast + solo blog

Best solo blog and Best controversy

controversy + solo blog

Best blogger and Best podcast

podcast + blogger

Best blogger and Best controversy

controversy + blogger

Best podcast and Best controversy

podcast + controversy

That’s all I’ve got. See you next year!