I have never seen God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.

But I can speak to God. He is my father. I picture him much like my earthly father. Like him, I have grown to understand some of how God works and thinks. The relationship is real and deep and one that has developed as I have matured and grown in the Gospel.

I have a different relationship with my brother, Jesus Christ. I know of him as the God of the Old Testament. A God of wrath and judgement. I know of him as a small baby. I feel an affinity with him as one born into this world, growing and learning. I know of him as a grown man teaching the Gospel. I feel close to him as I strive to be like him. I feel close to him as I have learnt of his suffering for me. His atonement makes my relationship with the Saviour so personal and intimate. I know of him as one who suffered and died on the cross. His death, a bittersweet combination of both death and life. His life and mine are now inexorably linked.

My relationship with the Holy Spirit is different again. I have “felt” him throughout my life. In the most intimate moments of my spiritual development, he was there. My spirit and his have spoken. He is with me when no one else is.

I have a distant relationship with Heavenly Mother. I believe she exists. But I don’t really feel her presence. Only a small percentage of our rites, ordinances and teaching allude to her. I don’t know what her role is in my life but I want to get to know her. I’m sure the attributes she possesses can make me a better person. A better husband. A better father. A better friend. Each member of the Godhead displays the same “Godlike” attributes so differently. I wonder how she would display love, mercy and strength.

I yearn for some type of relationship with her now – like I do with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Like them, I do not anticipate meeting her in this life. The question posed by Eliza Snow creates an uncomfortable tension; of longing on one hand and of glorious hope on the other:

“…Mother, may I meet you in your royal courts on high?”