Salt Lake City has reduced homelessness in Salt Lake City 72% since 2005.  How did they do this?  Comedy Central recently highlighted Utah’s cure and it is pretty simple:  they give homeless people homes.

Lloyd Pendleton, Director of Utah Task Force to Cure Homelessness

But doesn’t that cost a lot of money?  Lloyd Pendleton, the director of the Utah Homeless Task Force says it costs $12,000 per person per year.  How can taxpayers absorb such a high figure?  Well, it actually saves money, because the taxpayers are currently paying $20,000 per person per year in emergency room and jail costs.  Utah is one of the most conservative states in the union, but on the other hand, Salt Lake City is dominated by democrats.  The last 5 mayors have been democrat.  Before that, Mayor Conrad Harrison was an independent.  You have to go back more than 40 years to 1974 to find a republican mayor (Jake Garn) concluded his term as mayor of Salt Lake City.

I did a quick search of Lloyd Pendleton and discovered his LinkedIn profile.  Lloyd’s previous employers include the State of Utah, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Seminaries and Institutes of Religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He graduated from Brigham Young University.

Please watch the video.