During the initiatory rite, patrons are clothed in the garment of the holy priesthood.  During the ceremony, Mormons are promised that the garment will serve as a protection to us until we have “finished our work on earth”, so long as we do not defile them through sin.  Mormons love to promote stories in which the garment served as a protection to us.  One of the most famous stories was Bill Marriott, (Chairman of the Marriott Hotel chain) claiming that his pants were burned right off of him, but his garments were not singed and protected him.  He told Mike Wallace of the 60 Minutes program.

In another case, we can see that Travis Alexander defiled his garments by having a sexual relationship with his girlfriend Jody Arias.  She was later convicted of his murder.

But there are stories of missionaries dying on their missions in which seemingly they didn’t defile their garments.

Advanced Body Protection
Maybe if the missionaries had worn something like this, they would be better protected. (Do they make these in white?)

These missionaries were seemingly not defiling their garments.  Is this simply a matter that they had finished their work on this earth?  Why didn’t the garments protect them from harm?

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