I mentioned in my previous post about Women of the Bible.  (My daughter illustrated these, in case you are not familiar.)  Here’s another story, less well-known, this time from the Old Testament.


HannaHannah was married to a man named Elkanah.  They had no children which made her sad.  One day Hannah went to the temple and wept as she prayed.  She promised God that if he would give her a son, she would have him serve God all his life.  The priest Eli heard her prayer and promised that God would answer it.  Eli also announced another blessing upon Hannah that she would have other children as well.  She gave birth to four sons and two daughters.

After her first son was born, she called his name Samuel “since she had asked the Lord for him” (1 Samuel 1:20). Hannah raised him until he was weaned and brought him to the temple with a sacrifice.  Samuel grew up as a Nazarite dedicated to the service of God.  He later became a prophet.  The books of 1st and 2nd Samuel deal with his life.

As I’ve been learning more about biblical women, it occurred to me that many deal with a childless woman:  Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth, etc.  (These stories are better known, so I picked Hannah because she isn’t as well known.)  For those of you couples unable to conceive, do you find these stories inspirational, or depressing?  Would it be a good idea to emphasize the miracles of these faithful women?