What’s going on in Facebook this week?  I noted one other Facebook trend I hadn’t remarked on before, something I refer to as scrumping.  A former boss of mine, an Indian-British guy, told us about “scrumping” when he was a feckless youth in England.  He and friends would dare each other to steal apples from an orchard, and one boy would steal another boy’s cap and throw it over the wall, so he would have to go retrieve it anyway or everyone would believe he had stolen apples.  And while he was over there, he might as well go ahead and steal the apples.  In Facebook terms, “scrumping” is when you tell people you’re going to do something so that you are now honour-bound to do it.  For example:

I declare today my writing-marathon-day, in which I need to write over 5,000 words on projects I’ve long procrastinated.

Here are a few other things I saw in the social network this past week:

Veteran’s Day Patriotism:

Happy Veterans’ day to all of our service members, both past and present. We are so grateful for your sacrifices for our amazing country. Also, happy military family month to all
my Army wifey friends!! You serve also. Many of you have sacrificed right alongside your hubbies and I am so proud to stand in the ranks with such a courageous group of women. Lastly, a very special thank you to my own soldier, my husband. I love you with all of my heart and am so grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with you. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Claims of voter fraud (both sides):

I was saddened to learn some of my candidates lost some close elections last week, but I had no reason to doubt the accuracy of the results. Now I do. (from a Republican friend)

WTF? 600k votes NOT COUNTED out of 1.8 million? And mostly from heavily democratic areas?

Crowdsourcing for tech help:

You know how you used to be able to click on “photos” on the left and only see all the photos that other people are posting? Is that not a thing anymore? Why doesn’t that work anymore? When I click on “photos” now, I only see the photos I’ve posted, which I do not want to see.

Partisan boycott requests:

I would boycott Papa John’s for their political grandstanding shenanigans if I wasn’t already boycotting them for their s***ty pizza.

Emotive displays about sports teams:

My Seahawks were amazing today!

Way to go Cowboys!! WooHoo!!

Calling it now. Nebraska is going to to the Rose Bowl.

Its bad enough you lose every week, Eagles, but getting my hopes up like that for two quarters is just cruel.

Thanksgiving posts:

I am grateful for politicians, Edward Cullen, penguins, and all other professional comedians

Most disturbing Christmas idea:

Obama Christmas Unicorn Nativity Jesus Nude Christian Art Painting (from eBay).Obama Christmas Unicorn Nativity Jesus Nude Christian Art Painting PRINT Lacey

Weather updates:

Grateful to be home safe and warm, and for a four wheel drive vehicle to get there. This storm is insane.

Its cold and rainy here in Seattle. Perfect night for corned beef and cabbage.

Consumer reports:

Dear Snuggles the Bear, While I’m sure your fabric softner is very good, I seriously doubt your target audience is watching The Walking Dead.

Group therapy:

I attended all three hours of church today… and didn’t get my “undies in a bunch” once. Only some of you will know why this is an achievement.

Travel updates:

So many gingers on this flight to Dublin.

Wry parenting observation:

You can tell you have a daughter when you find sparkles in the lint trap.

In my never ending quest to be named father of the year, Israel just got a toy stuck in his mouth and my first instinct was to grab my phone and take a picture.

Religious observation:

From what church videos have taught me, the world around Jesus moved at about half normal speed.

Best video link promoting Gay Marriage.

Musical commentary:

I can’t wait to see what kind of song Taylor Swift writes when some guy eventually gives her crabs or herpes…

Funniest political photo that includes the threat of physical violence:

(W) Would you give that man a few bucks? DISCLAIMER:  @[177486166274:274:Being Liberal] does NOT advocate any acts of physical violence.  We do however love and promote the American spirit of ingenuity, a sense of humor and resourcefulness.  The person on the photo displays all of those virtues. We salute you!

Bipartisan Civil War humour (somehow I don’t think the original secessions were much more sophisticated initially):

The most LOL thing about online state petitions to secede from America (and don’t get me wrong, there are thousands) is that it’s barely a step above a comments section of a YouTube video. That’s being generous. A signature on an online petition is basically the “Justin Beeber SUXX LOL” of politics. But a runner up LOL thing about online state petitions to secede from America is that these people actually think their state could be self-sufficient at anything.

Percentage of posts from my niece involving vomit, diarrhea or snot:  90%.

What’s in your Facebook this week?  Did you spot any scrumping?  Are you going to use this word now to describe public declarations of intent?