I am a Facebook Ho, self-defined as someone with >500 Facebook friends.  Most of the status updates I see fall into the following categories:  proud parenting moments, political rants, food talk, Stuart Smalley style affirmations, and a few things actually worth reading.

What are your friends saying this week?  Here are a few comments from my FB feed this week:

From a lawyer friend:

worked Spiderman into an important public speech tonight: “As Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben said, ‘With great power comes great responsibility, and I believe that the reverse is also true.'” Who cares if Voltaire said it first, because everybody likes Spidey!

Etiquette tips for vampires:

Don’t get me wrong I love Vampire Diaries, but please, can’t these vampires ever wipe the blood off their chins?!!!

Congratulations(?) to this friend:

I was just informed that I am now officially Divorced! My girlfriend had to tell me….she found out on Face Book! Got to love social media! 🙂

Parenting woes:

Small children do not give a damn about day light savings time. Sigh.

My favorite someecards.com re-post of the week:

For your enrichment.

Possible TMI:

Deep fried pickles and poutine for supper was a poor decision. I know that now.

Travel tips from a friend in light of the recent legislative changes:

just realized that one of the outcomes of Tuesday’s election results is a new long weekend road trip itinerary for Utahns;

  1. Colorado for pot
  2. Wyoming for fireworks and real beer
  3. Idaho for a lottery ticket
  4. Nevada for gambling
  5. Back home to Utah in time for church
We can’t wait for next Summer!

Politically speaking:

Its been so long since I saw a normal tv commercial that wasn’t political, for a moment I thought Papa John was running for president.

So, what’s in your Facebook feed this week?

  • The most outrageous?
  • The funniest?
  • The grossest?