Just a few random thoughts today about some things

I like Jon Huntsman More Now

I have to admit, even though he is dead last in the polls, I have appreciated that Huntsman sounds like he knows what he is talking about and, more importantly, doesn’t need constant adult supervision every time he opens his mouth.

As a Mormon, (we’re not exactly sure how TBM he actually is) we can be pretty assured of his moral standing, as opposed to Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich.  He does oddly admit, on his website, that he took a “2 year mission trip to Taiwan” where he became fluent in Mandarin.  A Mission trip? Was he a Baptist at age 19? That’s how they refer to their charity work where their youth go and help in underdeveloped countries.

He sounds like he is left of most of the other Republican candidates. He is, frankly, a candidate that even Democrats could like as an Obama alternative.

And finally, he has daughters that are actively promoting his campaign on YouTube and Twitter in a fun way.  I don’t see Mitt’s family out there with a rap song!

 Jon2012 Girls

The End of Road for Herman Cain

Let’s see if I get this.  Another  woman,  Ginger White  comes forward, (that makes 4 now) and this time claims a 13-year affair with Herman Cain. He denies it vehemently.  Does he know this one? Why, yes, she was a friend or, “at least I thought so….” Then we find out he has been paying her bills for some time. And then we find out that, surprise! His wife didn’t know about the payments.  Then Lin Wood, Cain’s attack lawyer, says they will obtain her phone records to “test her credibility” that she talked or texted with Cain all the time as she claimed. But, Ms. White shows her phone bill to FOX TV 5 in Atlanta. And, lo and behold, 61 calls or texts from Herman Cain, from a number verified by FOX News, as late as September.

So, this weekend, Cain must go home to face the music, I mean, his wife. And decide if he is staying in the race. My guess is not. So, what is really going on here? A political sabotage or just your typical arrogant, self-absorbed man in power behaving badly and once again, getting caught.

Newt Gingrich, Seriously?

 So are we to believe and stomach that the new and strongest anti-Romney candidate is Newt Gingrich, the most morally and ethically bankrupt person of all the other candidates combined? The man, who had multiple affairs, including one while his wife was being treated for cancer, and has taken millions of dollars from the most despised quasi-governmental agencies, most criticized by Republicans, to give them history lessons but not lobby Congress? The guy, whom one commentator characterized as “what a stupid person THINKS a smart person sounds like.” A guy who criticizes everyone as flip-floppers who has done more flopping than Nicolas Cage. This is the guy that the Republicans now want to put up against Obama and certainly assure a Democratic victory next November?  Newt Gingrich, seriously?

And Finally, Likes and Dislikes

When we organized Wheat and Tares last year, we decided to use a feature of WordPress, an add-on I suppose, in which commenters would be able to rate each other’s comments, like or dislike. At the time, it seemed like a way of engaging our readers more than most other blogs. A way of preventing a thousand comments of either “Great Post! J,” or “Hated it!”

But, yet, it seems to have taken on a life of its own. It seems it is now being used either as a weapon of disdain for the commenter or a popularity contest for some bloggers and commenters. It seems that the content of the comment plays a very small role in the actual “up or down” vote. There also appears to be a direct correlation, (sorry, no hard data, here) with how one feels about and participates in the Church.  Those who are favorable to the Church seem to cast less dislike votes than those who are less favorable. And those who are less favorable to the Church seem to cast more Like votes to those comments which best reflect their POV, regardless of what the comment says. For example, a comment which sincerely states a belief against Gay Marriage is likely to garner a ton of “dislikes” while a comment criticizing Church leadership is equally likely to get a considerable likes regardless of whether the comment is accurate or makes any sense at all.

I would ask you to consider how you use the like and dislike feature we enjoy here at W&T.