I wrote last week on the vacancy occurring in the Apostolic Quorum of the Community of Christ due to the resignation of James Slauter in order to assist in caring for his grandchild. As noted by Rich Brown in a comment to my earlier post on the vacancy, the President of the church has now designated Apostle Slauter’s successor in a Letter of Counsel that will be formally considered at the 2013 World Conference.

Barbara L. Carter is the Apostle Designate. According to the bio for her current church assignment, she was assigned as field apostolic assistant to the Northeast Field effective September 2008. Her bio further states:

A full-time minister since 1994, she has previously been Sierra Pacific Mission Center President, San Francisco Bay Stake President, bishop [Chief Financial Officer] for the South Central States Region and stewardship commissioner for the Southeast Region. She holds the priesthood office of high priest.

A native of Lincoln City, Oregon, Carter holds a master of arts in religion from Park College, Parkville, Missouri; a master of education in counseling from Wichita State University; and a bachelor of arts in psychology from Graceland University, (the Community of Christ’s “equivalent” of BYU) Lamoni, Iowa.

Prior to accepting church appointment, Carter was the Citizen Review Board Coordinator for the State of Oregon Judicial Department.

Barbara (Tooze) Carter is married to Charles (Charlie) Carter, and they currently live in Newark, DE. They have one daughter, Chelsea, a recent graduate of Graceland.

Barbara will assume administrative control of the entire Northeast Field (US East Coast to Illinois and the Canadian border to Southern Virginia) when Apostle Slaughter leaves. Some other Apostolic Assignments will be shifted to cover the HQ-related tasks Slauter was performing.

Apostle Linda Booth will serve as acting President of the Quorum until they can elect new officers in September. Apostle Designate Carter will attend all quorum discussions until her approval by the World Conference, and her administrative authority over the NE Field is unquestioned. I have no idea what issues of church law might come up if some non-administrative emergency occurred before 2013 that required the priesthood authority of an ordained Apostle.