A friend of mine has been on the Paleo Diet for a while: Eat like a cave-person and lose weight.

Another friend recommended The China Study to me: Don’t eat animal proteins and you won’t get cancer.

A magazine my wife gets pushes the Eat-Clean diet: Don’t eat anything with more than three ingredients, and you can keep fat off forever!

These and the million other diets often claim to be “THE” way that humans should eat, all based on research.

Don’t eat beef.

Don’t eat meat.

Don’t eat fruit.

Don’t eat broccoli.

Don’t eat eggs.

Eat eggs.

Don’t eat tofu.

Eat tofu.

Eat organic.

Don’t eat organic.

Don’t drink cow’s milk.

Have a breast-milk sundae!

Never, ever eat sugar. It’s worse than crack.

With so many passionate truth claims, is there really a “True and living” way any given human being should eat? How do you sort all this out? What are we supposed to be eating? Are any of these sects correct?