It *seems* like athletes at BYU have a target on their backs for honor code violations. How are they getting caught?

Is it unfounded to assume that there is a lot more going on among athletes at BYU than gets reported? If that is the case, why do certain athletes like basketball player Brandon Davies (who was dismissed yesterday from the team yesterday for an honor code violation) get caught? Are they just being foolish and doing really dumb things in the public eye, or are they being followed?

One facebook comment I read yesterday suggested that guys like him get turned in to the honor code police by their “friends.”

Really? There are people at BYU turning each other in?

I am a mandated reporter. I have to report cases of abuse, neglect, or intent to harm self or others. I understand fully even just a casual “friend” reporting something like that to the school (and often the police). If it wasn’t something like that, why would anyone turn in their friend?

I’m sure there is some noble intention behind turning in a friend or classmate.

What is it?