After all, we are to be like Christ and follow him, so what is it that we are following?

So which way makes us Christlike?

It might surprise you that when Christ walked the earth he was asked the same question.  Which faction did he claim?  The Zealots who sought a political salvation.  The Pharisees who were the guardians of the law and the literalness of scripture.  The Sadducee camp which denied the resurrection and felt a more free and open approach was appropriate.  He was claimed by his generation’s equivalent of Democrats and Republicans, Greens and Anarchists, Liahonas and Iron Rodders.

What struck me when I thought about this in the late 70s and early 80s, and when I think about it now, is that Christ’s response was that both the weighty matters of the law and the others needed to be respected and obeyed.  In a way the answer he gave included “both” and “neither.”

I think it is too easy for us to miss sometimes what Christ said about the divides we encompass and those who sought to claim him, when we think we are trying to be like him.  What do you think?