Caveat #1 – I have no expectation that this post will change anyone’s mind about their guns.

Caveat#2 – I don’t own guns, I can count on less than 4 fingers how many times I’ve shot a gun and it was all in Boy Scouts.

Florida Mom Shoots, Kills Teenage Children For Talking Back …

Parents Indicted in 4-Year-Old Son’s Shooting Death

Paterson man sentenced for fatal 2008 street shooting

New Information In Shooting Death Of Girl In Tioga County

New Details In Lt. Governor’s Son Shooting

Principal Shot Dead at Calif. School

15-year-old girl killed in Owego shooting

Oregon City boy, 13, faces possible criminal charges after accidentally shooting his best friend

Four shot, two stabbed in weekend violence in Visalia

Was Border Patrol agent Brian Terry killed by a gun bought in Phoenix?

Shooting in Newark’s North Ward kills man, 26

This is but a sample of headlines from this week. People are killing and wounding each other because of the easy access to guns. The United States is the only nation on earth that allows this kind of access to weapons. And not just handguns or rifles, but military grade weapons designed for only one purpose—to kill humans.

You’ve heard all the rationalizations, reasons why they have to have their guns; for protection, second amendment rights, etc.  There are more people killed accidently from guns, especially children, than are ever stopped in the commission of a crime except by law enforcement. Hardly anyone ever shoots someone inside their house during the commission of a crime. It is so rare it makes the news. At the Tucson shooting, a guy “packing heat” almost shot the wrong person, but decided not to shoot.

It is more likely that the gun will be used in an accidental shooting or in a moment of rage.

And you’ve heard all the other rants, only criminals will have guns, guns are the only thing that keeps the government from becoming authoritarian, etc.

Nothing, not the Ft Hood shooting, not the Tucson shooting, the Virginia Tech shootings, not the killing of a child, will persuade gun lovers to restrict access to guns in any way.

The NRA, the world’s most powerful special interest, who buys and sells politicians like a commodity, insures that no laws are enacted to restrict the sale or possession of firearms.  Any move by a politician or government agency to do so is met with a barrage of complaints, threats, and other actions against that person who dares to defy the NRA.

Utah, for example, wants to make the gun their state symbol and just barely defeated a law designed to require hotels to let guests bring their guns into their rooms.

I am not really against owning guns for a legitimate purpose, though I do not wish to have one myself. In all my years, I never felt the need for additional personal protection and I am not a hunter. And who in their right mind needs to own an assault weapon? Right now, a significant number of assault weapons in the southwest part of the country are finding their way to the hands of the Mexican drug cartels because some enterprising people here in the US are selling them to the drug lords because they can get them freely here in the US.

With all the talk in the scriptures about peace and loving our fellow man and not doing harm to others, one would think that this might have an influence on doing something to prevent all the killing that goes on in this country with guns and in other ways as well.

But no, the most religious among us are generally the most adamant about keeping their guns and not restricting the access to the purchase of firearms in any way.  They tolerate the background check, the five-day waiting period, but they would prefer that those “restrictions” didn’t exist either. And perhaps the waiting period and check has actually prevented additional tragedy. But, in some cases, those who wished to use a gun in the commission of a crime, like the Tampa mother, were simply content to wait the 5 days before doing her  “mouthy” children in.

So, one can only conclude that gun lovers must love their guns more than God and their fellow man.