Straight up, what should you do?  How should you react if you discover it just is not “attraction” or “bi-sexual urges” but your kid, your teen, is picking up with a rough gay crowd?

What is the advice I would give you, what do you need to know?


  • You did not cause it
  • You can’t control it
  • You are not to blame.

Psychologists and therapists have been blaming everything from autism to zoophilia on bad nurturing, bad mothers and bad parents. The newest twist is to just blame it all on fathers. Bottom line:  all of that tripe is a lie.


  • You can control if your child has a safe place to sleep
  • You can control if your child has access to food
  • You can control if your child learns to tell you the truth or feels a need to hide from you.
  • You can send your child to a center that will teach them how to avoid AIDS.

Either you control the things you can control, acknowledge the things you can not, and rely on Christ to help you know the difference or you will end up frustrated, alienated and in pain.  All parents who throw a child out accomplish is making sure the child does not have a safe place to sleep.  All parents do who who do not listen with love is they teach their child it is not safe to tell the truth.

Be serious.  There is nothing you can tell your child at this point that they have not heard before, other than, maybe, that you really love them.  That no matter how shocking, whatever they tell you, you will love them forever, just like Christ does.

That is the advice I gave someone recently.

What advice would you give?