I recently ran across a new approach to false doctrine:  praising it.

As in:

“Dear President [insert name of Area Authority]:

I was so excited when Bishop X, of the YY 13th Ward taught a lesson recently, I had to write you to suggest that he should be the lead speaker at the upcoming Stake Conference.  What he taught was so striking, I’m also copying the Ensign because I am certain they will want to commission an article by him.  His doctrine is spreading like wildfire and it was a dramatic realization to me.

He explained that foreordination extends to all of the things that happen in this life.  That we choose everything that happens. He wanted us to know that human suffering is something that people choose from before this life or is part of the judgments of God and that we do wrong by interfering. Obviously, with a higher understanding we no longer need to pay fast offerings or worry about others.

It was amazing doctrine, and liberating too. It seems to make everyone more relaxed and happier with what they are doing, or not doing, with their time and their money. If only more people understood the way the gospel all fits together to remove guilt and that we are engaging in pride and rebellion against God when we try to change the lot of the poor, I think we would have less sin in the world.

I know you won’t want to miss out on the chance to fully appreciate the doctrine or the impact it can have beyond our ward. Already people are passing along summaries to family members and friends in other wards.

Sincerely yours,

You can imagine the impact that such a letter might have.  I’ll bet you can think of half a dozen other places a similar letter might be written.

I’m still debating the considerations of sending out such a letter when you don’t have mistaken enthusiasm for the doctrine.

On the other hand, they sure can draw some attention. 😉