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Stephen R. Marsh Bio

My biography would make for bad fiction as it lacks a consistent narrative.

This summary of who I am is provided for some background and to avoid leaving a hole.

I was brought on board when this rag tag group of bloggers was at Mormon Matters and followed them to Wheat and Tares when Mormon Matters changed its format (it is now a weekly podcast, rather than a blog).

My paternal grandfather, Robert Henry Marsh finished his career as a cultural attaché transitioning from the Austria to the Jordan desk. My maternal grandfather, George Emmanuel Mylonas, was an archaeologist.

My father finished his career as a tech sergeant in the USAF. My mother, who dropped out of college to marry him, is currently a widow and either on or between missions.

Before my father’s death from advanced Parkinson’s, my parents served missions in Kenya, Washington, D.C., the Philippines and Korea. Since then my mother has served missions that have taken her to Houston, Salt Lake City and the middle of the United States.

I grew up moving around, mostly in trailer parks.

I graduated in applied economics from Cal. State Los Angeles and then from law school at BYU’s law school.

I’m married to Winifred Lenora Wallace-Marsh (she goes by “Win”). We’ve been through eight pregnancies, five children, three funerals and have two surviving children. Win is a CRNA and an inspiring speaker.

I began blogging (as in journaling and essays, chronologically arrayed) in 1997.

I was a supporter of FARMS when it was a desk in Dr. Welch’s office and I was on the founding board of FAIR. I’ve spoken (once) at Sunstone, and a number of times at conferences and conventions that would bore most people, including myself so I won’t bore you with more on that.

You can find me at http://adrr.com/ where you can learn more about me than even I would care to know. I’m also on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/stephen.r.marsh

When I started blogging here I served as assistant ward librarian and as a home teacher. Then I taught the High Priests Group in my ward. In my new ward I am an assistant ward clerk.

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