The Temple experience can mean different things to different people. To some people, it can be a refuge from the outside world, a few hours away from your cell phone, kids, worries of work, etc. For others it can provide comfort and strength for trials they are going through. But what if you no longer believe? Or you are a nuanced believer. Or maybe you believe, but learned that most of the endowment ritual was taken straight from the Masons, and does not date back to Solomon’s Temple but from the middle ages with no heavenly origin?

Is there any way to still find value in going to the temple after a crises of faith? This week we received a guest post/question from one of our readers named “Handlewithcare”, and she reached out to you readers to ask how you handle the Temple.

Below are her questions:

It has been many years since I attended the temple due to family illness and caring responsibilities, but also life has broken me a little in that time and I have little use for easy answers. And it pretty much feels like the heavens are closed to me when I have been saying the same prayer for my children’s lives to improve for 25years. I do kind of get that, I only have to look around to see that this is all part of life and there is no particular reason I would have God’s ear, but it’s still pretty desperate day by day.

I’m trying to weigh up whether to go again if I can before my husband’s upcoming surgery, I value the covenants I have made even if I don’t get the rest of it, so it’s on that basis that I am grappling with this.

So, my question kind readers is what comfort and strength do you gain from the temple? I do value an eternal perspective on our mortal experience, but am very confused as to what is literal and what figurative, it has generally left me in a huge muddle rather than at peace. It feels like random stuff plucked from history pointing my attention to our eternal kinship and therefore responsibility to one another, and I do love that. I just struggle with that random stuff.

How do those who find it a richly rewarding experience set their minds?

These are honestly asked questions in s spirit of constructive enquiry, I’m hoping the process will be beneficial to both myself and others. I’d love your help, you will know how difficult it is to have these conversations with people. Thankyou brothers and sisters for engaging with honest and open enquiry here, I love this safe space and would not have survived thus far without you.

She is not looking for reasons you don’t go to the temple, but is looking for help from those of you that still attend, wanting to know how you make it work for you. For those that still attend, she wants to understand more about what you learn from the experience of the Temple. Please help her out in the comments how the temple works for you.