Last week I was talking to my daughter who lives in Eagle Mountain Utah. I have written about Eagle Mountain before, and how Mormon it is.  My daughter was diving when I spoke with her (hands free via Apple Play) and told me she was going to the school to get fingerprinted. She said she was going on a field trip with the Kindergarten class (she has twin girls in the class), and she needed to be fingerprinted and have a criminal back ground check before she was allowed to ride on the bus with 40 rambunctious 5 year olds.

I asked her when the Church would start doing the same for Primary teachers and Bishops, as they were alone with kids all the time. She did not hesitate, and said “I know, they need it too!”

So how would that work? If the Church decided to do this, how would the mechanics work? For a Primary teacher (or YM/YW leader) , the Bishopric member could call them in, say they are being called to teach Primary, contingent upon them passing a background investigation. If the person accepted, they would be handed an official Church form they would fill out, and then turn into the Bishopric. Next they would be directed to the local police department to get a background investigation.

For a Bishop, things would be trickier. You would need to do this before the Bishop is called. As I have written about before, the new bishop is not supposed to know anything before he is called. Paper work is submitted to the First Presidency, and the new bishop cannot be called until the Stake Presidency receives a written letter authorizing the calling. My SP gave me the letter after I was called. I suppose the letter from the FP to the SP could say “You are authorized to call, sustain and set apart Bishop Bill contingent upon him successfully completing a criminal background check. Any criminal activity must be communicated with the Office of the First Presidency before the call can be made”

If one of the most Mormon School districts in the world (Eagle Mountain) requires this, should we demand any less for our kids at church?

What do you think? Is this doable? Should it be done? How would this work in other countries? In developing countries?

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay