Hugh B Brown used to tell the story of how he was excluded from a promotion.

A number of men were considered, and only one man was promoted, but he felt the reason he was not was particularly unfair.

But then he realized that there were things more important than his career.

I went through something like that myself. My boss called me to talk about an opening for a job equal to his in another city. I kept suggesting people he could consider.

He finally interrupted with “I don’t need suggestions, I’m trying to offer you the job.”

I responded with “I’m trying to say no, politely.”

Taking the promotion would have meant a lot of things, but it would have come at a cost to my family—and they were more important.

But I often wonder, what do people find important?

When was the last time you heard someone talk about what a blessing a career reversal turned out because it caused them to put family before money or prestige?

If they did, how often is that held up as an example?

Do we really value our families if careers come first?

Does it matter if family first is a choice or does it only count if it is forced on us?