Far beyond ringed shores,
lakes toss their moisture like rice,
wedding clouds to clods.

Sharp voices pierce rain—
erupt from AM bandwidth’s
calming static “Shush.”

Snow kept me from ash.
Wednesday’s flake landed
at home,
missing storm and Mass.

Poet’s Notes:

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The featured NASA image, by Joshua Stevens, is a satellite view of Lakes Erie (left) and Ontario (right). It shows accumulated lake effect snow on March 1, 2020. I cropped the original image based on two Mormon church history sites (neither discernible to the eye but nonetheless both in the picture): 1) Kirtland, Ohio is in the lower left area, not too far from where the southern coast of Lake Erie makes a dip. 2) Hill Cumorah and Palmyra, New York are over on the right side of the picture above the Finger Lakes.