Over the past few weeks I’ve read a lot about the church’s $100,000,000,000 they have (it looks so big when you write it out like that!)

I came across the following quotes that others have found, that I think shed some light on this situations

“The worst fear that I have about this people is that they will get rich in this country, forget God and his people, wax fat, and kick themselves out of the Church and go to hell. This people will stand mobbing, robbing, poverty, and all manner of persecution, and be true. But my greater fear for them is that they cannot stand wealth; and yet they have to be tried with riches, for they will become the richest people on this earth.”

Brigham Young, Brigham Young: The Man and His Work (Salt Lake City: Deseret News Press, 1936), pp. 126–28

BY predicted we would be the richest people on earth. Now we don’t know if the “people” he was referring to was individual people, and thus individual wealthy by the members, or the “people” was the collective church. If the latter, he was very prophetic, as it looks like the LDS church has become the “richest people on this earth“. So, are we the church, waxing fat? Is this $100,000,000,000 part of being “tried with riches”? If this is a trail, how are we doing?

Now another quote that I really like:

“…we expect to see the day when we will not have to ask you for one dollar of donation for any purpose, except that which you volunteer to give of your own accord, because we will have tithes sufficient in the storehouse of the Lord to pay everything that is needful for the advancement of the kingdom of God.”

Joseph F. Smith Conference Report, Apr. 1907, p. 7

So, is the church still working towards the above goal? Will there be a day when they will not have to “ask you for one dollar’? The above quote was even repeated by Boyd K. Packer in 1990 in explaining why the church was able to do away with the ward budget donations. The church didn’t have near the money in 1990 as it does today, and yet was able to lighten the burden of members.

Does the phrase “except that which you volunteer to give of your own accord ” change anything? Are not all donations voluntary? Does the phrase imply that some donations are mandatory? Will the church ever do away with tithing as a requirement for temple attendance?