I just spent another glorious week in Eagle Mountain with four of my grand-kids. I wrote about Eagle Mountain last year here.

I was born in Logan Utah, but spent most of my life in Hawaii and California, so while Utah and its unique culture is not totally foreign to me, I’m always amused at things that are perfectly normal for my kids that live in Utah, but seem strange for those from California, even if they are Mormon.

I came up with the following list of items that let me know I’m not in Kansas California anymore.

You know you’re in Utah if:

  1. On Sunday morning you drive to your LDS church building, passing two other LDS church buildings on the way to get to your assign ward.
  2. Half the customers in Walmart on Sunday afternoon are dressed in their Sunday best.
  3. A billboard for a personal injury attorney with the slogan “In a Wreck? Oh My Heck!”
  4. Gas is $1.50 cheaper
  5. Sister Missionaries in Smith’s Grocery Store that I mistook for polygamous wives due to their long dresses (they must not have got the pants memo) [1]
  6. I’m extra tired after a three mile run with my daughter [2]
  7. You can get really good cookies at a Maverick Gas Station.
  8. Idaho Spuds candy at Winco
  9. 4th of July fireworks that will take your head off purchased legally at the grocery store
  10. LDS themed items at COSTCO

So for you that visit Utah, what comes to your mind?

[1] The Mission President or his wife should make a rule about such long dresses in areas with lots of polygamous households

[2] For every thousand feet of elevation increase above 1,000 feet above sea level, VO2 max max drops by 1.9%. So from my sea level running at home to 5000ft, I’m down almost 10%!