On Sunday the two LDS wards in my town met for a joint one-hour church service starting at 10 am and concluding shortly after 11 am. Besides the usual opening, sacrament, and closing hymns, we had several musical numbers performed/presented and two short talks on a Christmas theme. It was delightful.

Not just the average musical numbers, mind you — two professional-level singers doing solos with piano accompaniment, a violin number (she teaches violin professionally), and a quartet from the local community chorale. The talks were the usual and the closing speaker went a little too long, but hey, I’m not arguing. I’m thinking Sunday’s one-hour church was twice as good as two-hour church and three times as good as three-hour church. I’m speaking hypothetically about two-hour church, which hasn’t really happened yet. In any case, I applaud the decision, whether made by local leaders or as coordinated by Salt Lake, to hold short services on the Sunday before Christmas. It was nice to have some extra time with the family on the day before the day before Christmas.

How was your one-hour church service? Or did you have a second-to-the-last three-hour block experience?