Two weeks ago, I asked How Was Your One-Hour Church? when most wards met for just a sacrament service two days before Christmas. It seems only fair we do the same thing now that era of two-hour church has begun. Let’s compare notes. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Did sacrament meeting really seem ten minutes shorter to you? Maybe that’s not a fair questions for open mic Sunday. Maybe it will seem different when there are assigned speakers. I did manage to nod off for a few minutes, so at least that important part of the meeting still works for me.
  • Jubilation in Primary. The nicest reactions I heard were from Primary teachers, where I heard the phrase “twenty minutes …” uttered with reverent gratitude several times. I did overhear the Primary President say that it was like two hours of chaos compressed into just one hour, but I’ll chalk that up to trying to implement a new and shorter schedule along with changing all the classes around all at the same time.
  • Filling the seats in Sunday School. One of the less-noted changes is consolidating all adult classes into just the Gospel Doctrine class. All the Sunday School electives (Gospel Principles class, family history, and so forth) were eliminated. Well, there’s always the foyer class I suppose. But Relief Socity room was full for once.
  • Come Follow Me manuals. I suppose I should have taken notice of the old adage “Be careful what you ask for …” before spending the last five years complaining about the out-of-date and largely useless Sunday School manual. I will wait a few weeks before weighing in with a detailed post. If you can’t wait that long for a solution, click here and wait seven days (two days if you have Prime).

So what was your experience? Did two hours pass by in the blink of an eye? Did you overhear anyone complaining about the missing third hour? Will this change keep restless LDS Millennials in the pews?