Recently in Sacrament meeting a new father told of getting inspiration from the Holy Ghost. They had just brought their new daughter home from the hospital, and his mother was there helping out for a few days.  It was January and cold in Utah, and they normally didn’t need the heater for their basement apartment, but turned it on because they didn’t want the baby to get cold. The baby was crying all night, keeping everybody awake.  His wife said she had a headache, and he did also.  Then his mother got sick and vomited.  She thought she had the flu, and didn’t want to be around the baby so she went home (they lived nearby).  At this point the thought was put in his head “by the holy ghost” that this could be carbon monoxide poisoning. He turned off the heater, opened the windows, and slept with the baby between them in their bead to keep her warm.

The next morning he called landlord who had a heater guy come over immediately, and he confirmed there was a leak. They then went to the emergency room where his wife and daughter were put in a hyperbaric tank for treatment.  Everybody was fine.

So my thought was this: Was this just common senses, him having read in the news about carbon monoxide and with all the symptoms he made the call, or did the Holy Ghost inspire him to turn off the heater to save his family?

We hear the above story about an LDS family, and we say it was the Holy Ghost.  If we hear the same story about a faithful Catholic family, we would say it was the Spirit of Christ, and if our gay atheist neighbor tells the same story we would label it common senses.

Could it be that God’s spirit is always watching out for us, and has been for all history, and when we didn’t know the gospel, we labeled it common senses or intuition. With the Gospel of Christ we know this is the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Ghost.  Are they one in the same? How do you differentiate between intuition and the Holy Ghost?