This is a guest post from Canuck Mo.

Given the recent discussion of LDS Church revenue and expenses, I thought it might be interesting to discuss Canadian LDS finances.  This website lists LDS Church revenues and expenses in Canada.  Here’s a few figures I want to focus on for the fiscal year that ends Dec 31, 2016.

Revenue $176,584,725
Expenditures $219,465,068

This would seem to indicate that even in Canada, the church is deficit spending, injecting about $43 million ($42,880,343) to support the LDS Church in the Great White North.  This would seem to support Quinn’s contention that there is much deficit spending by the LDS Church in foreign countries.  However, there is something a bit curious there.

Total expenditures before gifts to qualified donees $109,589,960

What are those qualified donees?  Further down, it says

Gifts Provided to Other Organizations

3 gifts provided to qualified organizations totalled $109,875,108
Receiving Organization Amount In Kind Political
Brigham Young University $60,000,000
Brigham Young University – Idaho $39,000,000
Brigham Young University – Hawaii $10,875,108

Why is Canada supporting BYU-Provo, BYU-Idaho, and BYU-Hawaii?   Do they send their students there to support $109 million donation from Canada?  Rumor has it there are just 146 Canadian students in Provo.  I don’t think tuition for the Provo students is $410,959, is it?

If we subtract that $109 million from the $219 million expenditures mentioned earlier, it turns Canada from a deficit of $43 million to a surplus of almost $67 million ($66,709,617).

I’m no accountant, but something seems a little strange here.  Any accountants in the audience?  Is this some sort of accounting trick?  Comments?