One Sunday the missionaries bring a lady they have been teaching.  You notice right away that she looks very masculine for a woman.  The missionaries ask to meet with you during the week and tell you that the lady they brought to church is a transsexual, born a man but now living as a woman.  She has not had any operations, but is taking hormones. They say that they cannot baptize her without FP approval, and that their mission president is handling the situation. You breath a sigh a relief that you don’t have to get involved with that.

After a few weeks, you get a few comments from the Sisters in the ward that they feel uncomfortable with this “woman” attending RS, and using the ladies restroom.

You are the Bishop, What do you do?

  1. Let her continue to attend RS and use the Women’s restroom
  2. You let her continue to attend RS, but use the Men’s restroom
  3. Since she is still legally a man, you have “her” attend Priesthood and use the Men’s restroom


How would your answer change if it was a man (who was born a woman) and all the questions above were changes for that situation? (“he” attends priesthood meeting and uses the men’s restroom)