Today’s is another post by Bishop Bill.

A few weeks ago in Gospel Doctrine class, we had lesson 30 on providing ordinances for the dead, and why they are important.  Of course the normal answer was so our dead can be saved.  Silly me spoke up and said I thought that we went mostly for our own edification and renewal of our own endowment, and that the number of vicarious ordinances we were doing did not even make a dent in the celestial scale of things.  That comment did not go over big, and the teacher steered the conversation to other things.

Well, having been blessed/cursed with an engineering brain, I’ve been mulling over my comment, and decided to do some back of the envelope calculations to validate my views.

In 1988 the church announced that there had been 100 million endowments done.  In that announcement, they said they thought they would reach the next 100 million in 15 years.  I’m guessing they did not, because we didn’t hear anything about it. But let’s assume they did reach a total of 200 million endowments in 2003.  And lets also assume that the same rate is current up to today, so that we have currently done 300 million endowments to date.  (I’m going to be generous and not subtract for duplicate names)

If you google the total number of humans that have ever lived on the earth, you get several numbers just over 100 billion.  The most common number was 107 billion.

So as of today, the LDS church has done endowments for .3 billion of the 107 billion soles that have lived, or 0.3%  And we are losing ground.  Google tells us that approximately 55 million people die every year, but a blogger named Jonathan Ellis  calculated we are probably doing about 12.75 million endowments a year .  So every year we are getting farther and farther behind at a rate of 42 million a year!

So, let’s assume Christ comes next year, because he also realizes we are getting too far behind. We have 1000 years to do 106.7 billion endowments.  That is about 106.7 million a year, easily accomplished since we are doing about 12 million a year today, and the temples will be open 24/7 during the millennium!

So now my final calculation, for those of you that are still with me: If we had not done any of the 300 million endowments I calculated that had been done to date, that would only increase the amount needed to be done during the millennium from 106.7 to 107 billion, or about 300,000 more endowments a year, or 821 more a day, or just 34 more endowments an hour.

So for all the current temple work that we are doing, we have given ourselves a .3% advantage in the millennium, or 34 less endowments an hour.

I’ll stand by my original comments made in Gospel Doctrine last week!