49023971One of the interesting side notes in this bizarre election cycle has been the widely reported fact that Utah Mormon voters, including stanch Republicans (which is practically the same thing) are not supporting the Republican Nominee, Donald Trump. In fact, by and large that can’t stand him.  Trump came in third in the Utah Primary, losing to Ted Cruz and John Kasich. There have been numerous articles written in the press and online about this odd situation. Utah is one of the reddest (Republican) states in the nation. The last time a Democratic Presidential candidate won in Utah was in 1964, Lyndon Johnson. The situation is eerily similar. The Republican candidate that year was Barry Goldwater, a tough-talking Arizona Senator portrayed as an instable figure ready to enter into a world-ending nuclear war against the Soviet Union.

Anyway, if you are interested, here are a few link to those articles:

Buzzfeed (McKay Coppins, a Mormon journalist)
New York Times
Religion News Service (Jana Reiss)
The Federalist

By the way, bordering states like Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming also are in play due to a high Mormon population.

Why Mormons don’t like Trump

I happen to know a lot of Mormons in and out of Utah who are going to vote for Trump. The main reason is not because they love Trump so much as hate, and despise (and just every other negative emotion) Hillary Clinton so much. But generally the reasons given are:

  1. Mormon generally like immigrants – The Church has always been pretty sympathetic toward immigrants eyeing them as potential converts, so Trumps attack on immigrants, illegal or not rubs many members the wrong way who see it as a lack of charity and kindness.
  2. He dissed Mitt Romney – Trump counter attacked Romney after Mitt went after him in a speech in Utah. You just don’t attack the Lord’s anointed Presidential candidate and get away with it.
  3. He is an immoral loudmouth – Three marriages, suspected acts of adultery, foul language, and talk about one’s genitalia are pretty off-putting to Mormons.
  4. Not really religious – He called Mormonism an “alien” religion (to Mormon reporter McKay Coppin’s face), made fun of other’s people’s faith, doesn’t know how to quote the Bible properly (TWO Corinthians) and really appears not religious at all in spite of his claims.

Also, there are a number of Mormon politicians who have come out against Trump, most notably Senators Jeff Flake of Arizona and Mike Lee of Utah.

So, Utah and neighboring states become open to voting for the Libertarian Candidate, Gary Johnson. In fact, Johnson has already been to Utah, but even he had to soft-pedal statements he made about Mormons and religious Liberty, a Mormon hot topic.

In Rides a Man on a White Horse, Utah Style.

So, in the last few days, a candidate appears on the scene that Utah voters could vote for.  He has no chance of winning the Presidency and his role appears to be that of a spoiler for Donald Trump. To deprive Trump of a potential victory, even though Trump all by himself appears to be doing just fine.

Who is he, you ask? Why, It’s Evan McMullin!

Evan McMullin, who is that?

Well, he was born in Provo, educated at BYU (there goes the U of U vote!), Obtained an MBA from Wharton (Where have you heard that before?) He served as a missionary in Brazil (instant Mo-cred).  He served in the CIA as a covert agent in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.  After 10 years, he transitioned to a role as an investment Banker for Goldman Sachs.  In 2013, McMullin joined the House Committee on Foreign Affairs as a senior advisor and later became the chief policy director of the House Republican Conference. (Evan McMullin for President website)

He’s the complete package for Mormons, Utah Valley, BYU, Missionary, Government Service, Wall Street insider and finally political operative.  He only appears to lack one thing, a wife and family. He’s 40. It’s unusual.

His pitch is that Hillary is corrupt and Donald appeals to the worst fears of Americans.  He’s an independent. He’s currently not on any ballots for November. Some state’s deadlines have past. He can get on Utah’s ballots with only 1000 signatures. I’m sure he has enough family members and Ward Members for that.

He’s not going to win, he’s a potential spoiler. According to the Daily Beast, he is “Romney’s revenge.”

“There is no reason to believe that McMullin will upset that math or carve into Clinton’s base of centrist and progressive Democrats. But keeping Trump out of the White House isn’t the only goal. McMullin presents a bona fide conservative alternative to the toxicity unleashed by Trump and his campaign. Should McMullin make it onto the ballot, his candidacy would give disaffected right-wingers a lever to pull.” (The Daily Beast)

Rick Santorum said something on Bill Maher Show the other day that really hammered home an important point to me.  I am not a fan of Santorum or Maher, for that matter.

He said, “…Democrats and Republicans, a pox on both their houses, are in the game for their buddies and friends, whether its trade, or whether its immigration, or whether its tax policy, everybody’s taking care of their buddies, ….and [the people] are pissed off.” (You Tube)

I’ve thought that for a long, long time. And I’ve said that the American People are the most under represented group in our government.

So, are you pissed off enough to vote for someone other than the two establishment candidates? Does Evan McMullin interest you?