For those who need a quick recap of general conference weekend, here’s the GIF version.

movie funny happy fun harry potter
OW delivers 150 hand written letters to the COB paper shredder.


Sis. Durham talks about teaching children to recognize the spirit.


Cheezburger halloween dancing
E. Hallstrom hates on Halloween.


Cheezburger funny chickens choir
E. Snow talks about the importance of hymns and singing in church.


ashton kutcher i had to dude wheres my car getc sean william-scott
E. Stevenson loses his car keys.


A new Primary Presidency is called.


black and white text kristen bell forget veronica mars
E. Duncan urges us to let go of past wrongs and grudges.


modern family advice lemonade lemon phil dunphy
E. Anderson explains that some modern families aren’t “ideal,” so make the best of what you have. ┬áBut we are still going to relentlessly point it out.


crying flight of the conchords im not crying its just been raining on my face
E. Kearon inspires us to help refugees.


reading mitt romney autobiography
E. Gong quotes Kierkegaard and T.S. Eliot, showing that some Mormons are well read!


ice cream baby excited dessert get in my belly
E. Holland declares that it’s a tradition to eat ice cream after conference.


dog minnesota sledding
Pres. Uchtdorf continues to lead the pack with another great talk on grace.


Guy Trefler funny google search dick
Sis. Oscarson notes that if there is anything virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy. . . meh. We don’t need it; all we need is in Mormonism.


international womens day day women international her
And the opening session, the Women’s Session, set the tone for this conference, with a plea to reach out to those in need.