There were quite a few notable things that happened this weekend either by what was said or not said. Here are a few things I found tweetable[1]:

  • The Women’s Leaders opened #LDSconf by putting the Relief back in Relief Society, and Elder Kearon spread the message to the rest of the Chruch. Sure the need was already known, but many saints were finding reasons to ignore it (a refugee fundraiser in Rexburg was deemed by some neighbors as “too political” to participate in last year), I think we won’t have as many of those problems now. Although on the flip side we’ll end up with a lot of bad, bumbling attempts at help/conversion in the process. Either way, it’s a plus.

  • Apparently there is no such thing as “loyal opposition,” which I would say in some ways is a straw man. Sure there are some people in the church trying to take it down, but most of us just disagree on what the word sustain means, you know? If it doesn’t bother anyone too much, I’m going to take what he said at Claremont’s Religious Freedom Conference the week before and combine the messages.

  • To go along with opposition, it’s still in style to sit and listen to sermons about loving people wherever they are at spiritually and then 30 minutes later rain all judgmental hellfire down on people who opposed during the sustainings. I understand that people take it personally, but I’m hoping we could just all let people be where they are at. I’m trying to train my heart to respond in love even when I don’t agree or condone the action–whether the action/decision comes from the top or the bottom.

  • Fatherhood and Celestial marriages was a big theme this time around; well, we always talk about it, but this time a little bit more than usual? I don’t mind any attempts to elevate the role of fatherhood. I think I’ve seen enough men who feel their duty is priesthood and then phone it in at home because #itwasmom. One thing I liked about the Priesthood Session is that while focusing on the topic, most of them could also be summarized as: Be More Christlike


  • A few other highlights on doubt:

  • Family Councils:

  • and Priesthood Keys:

In addition, there were quite a few talks that were doctrinally meaty and not quite as easy to respond to in 140 characters or less. I look forward to rereading Elders Andersen, Bednar, Renlund, and Uchtdorf. A lot to unpack there. Of course I saved my favorite for last, Elder Duncan:

Maybe he’s a Utes fan, huh?

Notable things that weren’t talked about overtly: the policy, the gays, women are totes equal, etc.

What were your favorites? Was there anything else you noticed was missing that you expected? I was expecting retrenchment big time – so I feel like I dodged a bullet a bit. All in all #nottooshabby

[1] yes I’m a heathen who takes notes on twitter during conference. It helps me not zone out, stay engaged, and remember what was said. I get it doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me.