Donald schmoozing with Hillary, back when they still liked each other.

Despite Bernie Sanders great showing today (winning the states of Alaska & Washington, Hawaii voting hasn’t concluded as of the publication of this post, but Bernie will probably win there too.) It seems highly likely that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the nominees of the Democratic and Republican parties.  It’s been more than 160 years since a person from outside the Democratic or Republican parties has been elected as POTUS when Zachary Taylor of the Whig Party won in 1848.  (He died in office, so the last Whig president was Millard Fillmore.)

We previously asked who you would prefer for president.  (You seem to agree with voters in Alaska and Washington.)  El oso said “I guess the mainstream W&T permas are all on board thinking Hillary is going to win. I put her chances at 50/50 vs. Trump…”

Mormon Heretic responded “I suspect it is not just the permas who think that Hillary will win. I think our readers do too. Sounds like a wonderful poll question so we can find out for sure!”

So here you go!  Look into your crystal ball!

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