Mitt can't stand to see either of these as next president of the US, but it is likely one of them will be.
Mitt can’t stand to look at either of these as next president of the US, but it is likely one of them will be.

I’ve been thinking about politics a lot lately.  I listen to a lot of talk radio.  It seems that people are divided about Mitt’s recent bashing of Donald Trump.  One ultra-conservative talk show host said he supported Mitt in 2012, and was absolutely ashamed of him now.  Today’s Op-Ed in the Deseret News is takes the other point of view.  He supports Mitt’s speech because he wants “holding [Trump] accountable for the dangerous and degrading behavior he has displayed thus far.”

In a conversation with my sister today, she remembered that I had voted against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Utah primary, and asked if I would do the same if Rubio or Cruz were to somehow emerge victorious for the Republicans.  My response:

No, the Tea Party is just as awful as Trump.  I see no improvement in choice.  Hillary will get my vote….that should tell you how bad I think all Republican candidates are.

It’s not just me saying these things.  Even the right-wing Breitbart News has several articles saying the same thing I’m saying.  From March 1:  “GOP Establishment Could Back Hillary if Trump or Cruz Wins Nomination.”  From today:  “GOP Establishment Would Rather Have ‘Crony Capitalist’ Hillary Clinton as President Than Trump.”  I don’t think Mitt would establish a “Republicans for Hillary” group, but I could see him voting for her over Trump.  The Chicago Tribune tells us, “Hillary Clinton is the Democratic version of Mitt Romney.”  If you like Mitt, is Hillary the closest thing to him in this election?  Here are a few questions for you.

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