It’s time to vote in the 4th Annual Tarefic and Wheaties Awards!  (We should acknowledge the evolution of the awards from Niblets hosted at various other blogs, going clear back to at least 2008!)

This is the time to vote for the Best and Worst of the Mormon Bloggernacle!  Voting will continue until Midnight (US Mountain time) Sunday Jan 24.  Why Mountain time?  Well, that’s SLC Time!

TareficAwardWe’ll try to keep the voting secret until the end, and announce winners as soon as we can.  Ziff, the illustrious Bloggernacle Historian, will once again provide his fascinating analysis.  Chris Henrichson has vowed to win his Tarefic Award.  Maybe you can win too!!!  Let the voting begin!

Tarefic Awards

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WheatiesSharkNow it’s time to vote for the best of Mormonism and the Bloggernacle!

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