We’re here to announce the official winners of our annual Wheaties and Tarefic Awards.  Some of you may remember the controversy we had a few years ago when we mixed up the winner of the Best Blog Category.  Well, apparently we like controversy, (or maybe we’re just not that technically savvy.)  We had some minor technical difficulties on two categories:  Best Big Blog, and Best Group Blog.  The results from those 2 polls inadvertently counted last year’s votes, but we are listing the correct results below.


Best Big Blog: # Votes %
By Common Consent 105 37.9%
Feminist Mormon Housewives 78 28.2%
Rational Faiths 73 26.4%
Times & Seasons 21 7.6%
Total 277 100.0%

By Common Consent wins this category, and it wasn’t very close.  However, if you count last year’s totals, they beat Feminist Mormon Housewives by a measly 4 votes over the past 2 years.  Take that!


Best Group Blog: # votes %
Wheat & Tares 71 27.8%
Exponent II 47 18.4%
Zelophehad’s Daughters 38 14.9%
Modern Mormon Men 28 11.0%
Juvenile Instructor 12 4.7%
No More Strangers 11 4.3%
Approaching Justice 9 3.5%
Segullah 9 3.5%
Millenial Star 9 3.5%
Doves & Serpents 7 2.7%
Main Street Plaza 6 2.4%
Exploring Sainthood 5 2.0%
Mormon Mentality 1 0.4%
Faith Promoting Rumor 1 0.4%
Worlds Without End 1 0.4%
Total 255 100.0%

Wheat and Tares wins Best Group Blog for the first time ever!  You’d think we have home blog advantage, but if you look at the results for the past 2 years, then Zelophehad’s Daughters beats us by 7 votes!

The rest of the awards had no technical difficulties, but we had our first ever tie!

Funniest thread: Every Bloggernacle Argument as told in GIFs  and If you like Trunk-or-Treats, you don’t have a testimony both scored 24 votes (18%).

You can check out the vote totals for the rest of the categories here.

Best Podcast: FMH Podcast

Best Facebook Community or Discussion Forum: FMH Facebook Group

Best Bloggernacle Controversy: Kate Kelly Excommunication

Funniest Mormon Blog: Just Say Amen Already

Best apologetic blog: Interpreter: Journal of Mormon Scripture

Best new blog: MormonPress

Best new blogger: Kristine A at BCC/W&T

Best overall blogger: Julie Smith

Best commenter: New Iconoclast aka Grey Ghost

Best solo blog: Flunking Sainthood

Best Post Title: What would Dolores Umbridge Do?

Best Satirical post: Neckties: Priesthood Attire or Lucifer’s Lust pointer?

Best Post series: When the Temple Hurts

Best Feminism post: Why aren’t the Women Included in This?

Best Apologetic Post: What the Hell did Joseph mean by Translation?

Best Spiritual Post: Such a Time As This

Best Doctrinal Post: Disgracing God to Save a Prophet

Best Personal Post: Infertility. Sometimes it hurts to be a Mormon

Best Faith Crisis Post: When the Levee Breaks

Best Current Events Post: Do Women Count?

Best Temple Post: The Mormon Priestess: the Short version

Best book/article review: The Crucible of Doubt – A Review

Best contribution to the Bloggernacle: Polygamy Series

Best contribution to interfaith dialogue: Grace for Grace

Best Mormon Activism: Liahona Children’s Foundation

Best LGBT Activism: When it Comes to Equality, Which Side of History Are You On?

Best Online Mormon Awards: Wheaties & Tarefic Awards (W&T)

Best Church Policy Post: Women Disciplined by Men

Best #Twitterstake Feed: By Common Consent (@ByCommonConsent)

Best LDS Anonymous Account: LDS Bishop (@ldsbishop)

Funniest #Twitterstake Feed: Mormon Shorts (@mormonshorts)

Best LDS Breaking News: Peggy Fletcher Stack (@ReligionGal)

Best #ldsconf Coverage: By Common Consent (@bycommonconsent)

Best #churchtweets: Kristine A (@_Kristine_A)

Best #Twitterstake News in One Place:This Week In Mormons (@TheRealTWIM)

Write-in category (top 3):

  1. Best blog phrase – “The PRethren”
  2. Best historical post – Mormon Women, Patriarch, and Equality
  3. Best exit narrative – Why I left

Tarefic award winners are cordially invited to use this button:

Worst Online Mormon Awards: Times & Seasons’ Mormon of the Year

Worst Mormon internet drama: General Conference Confusion – The debate over whether the General Women’s Meeting is actually part of conference.

Biggest Soapbox commenter: Jettboy

Worst commenter: Jettboy

Worst Place for Believers: Mormon Stories Facebook Group

Write-in Tarefic category: Worst Mormon Activism: Mormon Women Stand


Congratulations to all the winners!  We would love to hear your acceptance speeches (or sour grapes if that is more appropriate.)  😉