Is this Nephi or Catholic Jim McMahon leading BYU from a bygone era?
Is this Nephi or Catholic Jim McMahon leading BYU from a bygone era?

I was pleased to be in attendance for the final BYU-Utah football game (at least for 2 years), and especially pleased to see the Utes beat the Cougars for the 4th straight year.  Now that Utah is in the Pac-12 conference, their schedule is full of tough teams and the Pac-12 has arranged a schedule meeting with Big 10 teams.  Utah will play Michigan the next 2 years, and doesn’t have a spot on the schedule for BYU until 2016.

A strongly placed source says that the the director for ESPN refused to refer to the game as “the Holy War”, which it has been known locally as for decades.

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In other news, starting linebacker Spencer Hadley did not playing in the game.  Hadley was allegedly photographed while clubbing in Las Vegas, which at a minimum is a BYU Honor Code violation, but could potentially be an NCAA violation as well. The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that a Utah fan sent the photo to the Utah Compliance office, who then forwarded it to BYU.  Rumor has it that Hadley made a Word of Wisdom violation (probably alcohol.)  He is not being kicked out of school, but so far it sounds like a 5 game suspension is being handed down by BYU.

What’s your opinion on the matter?  Do BYU fans blame it on Hadley (or the Utah fan) that they lost?

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There is also a rumor that Hadley was hanging out with a BYU booster, which would make this an NCAA violation–a much more serious matter in the eyes of the governing body.  If it is an NCAA violation, does that change how you answered the poll question?

And finally, I love how BYU fans complain that Utah fans are not classy.  Check out at how these classy BYU fans treated the refs from Saturday night’s game.  Is it time for the rivalry to end when fans act this poorly?