Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever had a ghostly encounter?  If you do believe in ghosts, what do you think they are doing?  Why are they hanging around?

Aside from psychics, who seem to be able to sense ghosts everywhere, ghost sightings seem traceable to some commonalities:

  • photography.  If you look at some of these photos of ghosts, it’s easy to see that mixed in with the ghostly are photos of people’s blurry gray thumbs or “energy orbs” that look remarkably like glares from the sun.
  • with a known violent history.  The question this raises is whether knowledge of the violent history is sufficient to raise the hairs on the backs of people’s necks.  IOW, is the power of suggestion what causes the “ghostly experience”?  Or, is it possible that violence leaves a negative energy signature behind that results in these experiences?
  • where a lot of people have lived and died.  This seems somewhat logical also; the more populous an area has been for a long time, the more likely that violence may have occurred there.  Does the hustle & bustle of life leave an energy signature behind that people can sense?  OTOH, there have been pre-historic people in many places on the earth.  It’s not possible to know, in some cases, that a place was populated tens of thousands of years ago.  Do the traces of humanity fade over time?
  • visitations.  A friend of mine who is a grief counselor says that so many of her patients have experienced some sort of contact from beyond the grave, that she considers it a natural part of the grieving process, a way to find psychological closure when a loved one has gone.
  • climates.  It occurs to me that many of the “most haunted” places I have been also have humid climates:  the deep South, the northeast, Hawaii, Jamaica, England, etc.  Is it possible that we sense creepiness more in a humid climate because our bodies are more sensitive to changes in wind or temperature?

So, what do you think?  Are ghosts real or just people spooking themselves?  Are they sentient or just traces of energy?  And most importantly, have you ever seen or felt a ghostly presence?  Happy Halloween . . .