Proposition 8 is back in the news in California. You can read all about the original Prop 8 here, but the TLDR version is Prop 8 changed the State Constitution to prohibit same sex marriage. While it was overturned on appeal, it is still in our State constitution. After the elimination of Roe v. Wade (abortion), opponents of Prop 8 are concerned the US Supreme Court in the future could change same sex marriage and the State of California could restrict (per its constitution) same sex marriage.

(for those not from California, or even the USA, you can read about California propositions here)

So two state representatives want to put on the ballot next year a proposition that would remove the language that Prop 8 put in. There is already opposition to the removal from the California Family Council, one of the groups the Mormon Church partnered with to get Prop 8 originally passed. Their rhetoric sounds familiar: 

Marriage is a sacred bond. It was created by God and we do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman,”

“We also think it’s very important for religious liberty that people of faith be able to continue to practice their deeply-held religious beliefs.

Jonathan Keller, California Family Council

He sounds like he is channeling his inner Dallin Oaks! Speaking of which, what will the Church do this time around? Did the Church learn their lesson from the original Prop 8, where they won the battle but lost the war? Could Oaks grab the reins and go all in again, pushing members to not remove the language from the State constitution? Even if the Church did remain silent with no official pronouncements from Salt Lake, what would be the local members take on this? They still remember all the arguments for passing the original Prop 8. Would they regurgitate those again in Sunday School, or over the pulpit in a Sacrament Meeting talk?  Should the Church come out with an official statement that says in effect: “we don’t have a dog in this fight”, thus tamping down the local homophobia?

Your thoughts?