Although I’m not particularly interested in it, I can’t seem to go two minutes without seeing a new headline about a “bombshell” revelation in Prince Harry’s new memoir, Spare. And I guess I am kind of interested because I keep clicking the clickbait. So far, the revelations seem relatively mundane or endlessly recycled. Yes, the royal family has issues just like every other family. Yes, there was family drama with in-laws. Yes, there is sibling rivalry between brothers. Of course this is all heightened by the status of the royal family and its relationship to the press, and I do feel badly for Harry & Meghan, but so far it’s felt pretty boring.

It does lead me to imagine, though: what would happen if we had a high-profile defector from the LDS Church? There have been a few–like Hans Mattsson–but as an area seventy in Europe I don’t know that he was privy to a whole lot other than the second anointing. Occasionally we get other glimpses into how the sausage is made–like when Cheiko Okazaki talked to Greg Prince about the Proclamation on the Family, or when the children or grandchildren of apostles speak about their experiences (a number have done interviews on Mormon Stories and they are generally pretty interesting listens). We also have historical records that show more about what things were like on the inside from previous generations (for example, see this, this, and this), but the Church keeps a pretty tight lid on that now (including reportedly prohibiting apostles from keeping journals). And I recently listened to an account of a conversation with Bednar that was remarkably candid (and in which Bednar showed a surprising lack of basic knowledge about scriptures and history).

For anything *really* interesting, I think we’d need to go with someone in the Q15. Other interesting views could be secretaries to the apostles or Church president, people really high up in CES, or Church employees who simply had access to a lot of information (these latter categories seem more likely, too–like the Ensign Peak Fund whistleblower, for example).

I doubt that we’d see anything super shocking if this ever happened: probably more just a confirmation that the Q15 are, in fact, pretty ordinary people, that they don’t talk to Jesus face-to-face or have a direct line into His Mind and Will, and that they themselves are divided on many issues. Still, I would most definitely be the first to click should any such story come to light.

What do you think?

  • Do you think a member of the Q15 will ever defect / cut loose / spill secrets? Why or why not? Who do you think would be more likely?
  • What about other leaders or Church employees? Who would you be most interested in hearing from? What would you ask if you had a willing and candid responder?
  • What do you think a defector might have to say? How do you think the general population of the Church would respond?
  • If a Church leader were discouraged to go rogue because of an NDA or retirement fund tied to their loyalty, would you donate to a GoFundMe to facilitate their defection? (To be clear I’m not actually starting one. This is just a fun hypothetical.)
  • Are there any other “leaks” that you’ve seen or listened to that you thought were particularly interesting? I am sure there are more, many of which have been blogged about here, I just didn’t spend any time thinking about it. Too busy reading tabloids about the Royals.