Being an Engineer, I like statistics and numbers. So I thought I’d share some of the statistics from Wheat & Tares for 2022.

The W&T blog had a total of 242,600 unique visitors for the year. Those visitors made a total of 1.14 million views. By using the IP address of the computer used to view Wheat & Tares, WordPress can keep track of where these views come from. Below is the top countries.

It is no surprise that the top country was the USA, and the top four are English speaking countries since Wheat & Tares is in English. What is surprising is that Germany is the top non-English country for views of Wheat & Tares. Also I found it interesting that we have a few views from countries like Myanmar (11) , Azerbaijan (6), and Afghanistan (4). We also had several single views from countries like Iran, Libya, and Gambia, which are probably just accidents (Mother looking over shoulder of Iranian son: “What are you looking at?” son: “I don’t know how this happened, it just popped up, honestly!”)

The top blogger was hawkgrrrl with over 141,000 views for the year. I was second, not due to my writing skills, but the shear number of posts! (quantity over quality!)

The top post of the year was from Elisa, Are Women Quiet Quitting the Church? with 8596 views and 183 comments. Second most viewed post was hawkgrrrl’s How Do You Solve A Problem Like Brad Wilcox? with 7604 views and 93 comments. If you have not read them, go take a look.

Wheat & Tares gets referenced in various places, and sends readers out way. We got over 8000 views from references in Reddit (r/mormon), and almost a 1000 views from references in the Mormon Land feature of the Salt Lake Tribune.

There was almost one post a day this year, with over 315 posts as of Dec 30th, for a total of over 4200 post since Wheat & Tares started using WordPress as its hosting service in 2016. Wheat & Tares started in 2010.

Thank You readers for joining us as we vented, discussed and commiserated with you.

What did you most enjoy about Wheat & Tares? What are your favorite posts from this last year?