That is me, looking back at a finished climb down

Ok. As of the time of writing this I’m about 600 miles into a PCT Thru-Hike.

Which means I often don’t have internet—and when I do I probably get a call from Jake (and yes, name is changed to protect the guilty). I’m skipping his question and making an observation instead

On the trail forget about multiple ear piercings. usually there are no earrings at all. Rings are simple silicon bands. Anything else is so gaudy.

But. I’ve seen a lot of singular, simple nose rings.

By trail standards, earrings and the other jewelry you see on many people are gaudy and ostentatious. A simple wire nose ring is modest and conservative.

The inversion is surprising to me as I reflect on it.

Made me think.

What “norms” have you seen that are inverted outside of insular LDS culture.

Maybe next week I’ll share Jake’s presupposition begging the question rhetoric. Maybe I’ll just wait until he asks me about my snow traverse.