The doorstep darkens.
A captain faces a queen,
fire filling their veins.
With love and fury,
the galaxy contracts. Lost
family comes home.

Loving gift of mind—
a child’s tears, falling dew,
break his mother’s fever.

Cramped sleeping chambers
leaking restless childhood dreams—
life’s eggs and caskets.

Silence smooth as silk,
till fame claps the air, bursting
stillness at its seams.

A toast, two friends: to old made
new, to loved and shunned,
to future’s too few.

Her shadow stretches, falls
back and becomes the night.
She touches the sun.

Poet’s Notes

Last weekend I finished watching the TV series Star Trek: Voyager all the way through. For personal enjoyment, I wrote a short poem after watching each episode. Voyager captures the grandeur of the universe, similar to Mormonism’s invocation of worlds without number. The scale of this cosmic storytelling amplifies the poignancy of human relationships.

For any readers who also happen to be Star Trek fans, the above poems correspond to the following episodes of Voyager:

  1. Season 7 Ep. 25, “Endgame”
  2. Season 7 Ep. 2, “Imperfection”
  3. Season 6 Ep. 18, “Ashes to Ashes”
  4. Season 6 Ep. 13, “Virtuoso”
  5. Season 7 Ep. 11, “Shattered”
  6. Season 5 Ep. 18, “Course: Oblivion”