As I experience the Christian season of Lent, I sometimes think: Oh, Mormonism, you are so missing out on the party. This 40-day runup to Easter, evocative of Jesus Christ’s fasting in the wilderness, is a tradition I all but ignored until perhaps three years ago. Now, I find myself appreciating Lent more and more, especially as an antidote to the stresses of late winter and early spring. I say all that to say, if Lent has never been part of your religious expression, it is worth trying.

One of the events which has enhanced my observance of Lent is the most recent podcast episode of Latter-day Faith, hosted by Dan Wotherspoon. Here is a link to the episode page:

Healing the World as Only Mother Can

To be clear, the episode is not about Lent specifically. Dan’s guests were authors Carol Lynn Pearson and Kathryn Sonntag. The primary topic, as billed on LDF’s website is this: “the deep ache that not only we, but also our societies and the world, have to fully reclaim the presence and energies of the Mother (Divine Feminine, Mother Creator, Nature, Wisdom, Mother in Heaven, etc.)”

With poetry as a key ingredient in the episode, Carol Lynn, Kathryn, and Dan explored the role of Mother in doctrine, spirituality, and creative expression. At times, their conversation grew impassioned, especially as they discussed the desire to harmonize the masculine and feminine aspects of religion. Still, what ended up drawing me in the most were their reflections on the figure of Jesus Christ as seen through the lens of motherhood. Of course the New Testament makes this clear, with Jesus’s mortal mother Mary so prominent in the narrative: his childhood, his ministry, and his crucifixion.

I appreciated the podcaster and poets’ perspectives on Christ and Heavenly Mother. I encourage you to head over to LDF and give this podcast your attention. It’s a bit long as podcast episodes go, so you may wish to break it up. Whether your beliefs on these subjects are literal, or tend more to the metaphorical as they do for me, this is a conversation well worth the listen.

Healing the World as Only Mother Can

Questions for Discussion:

What sources have you found useful in contemplating a Heavenly Mother, or the divine feminine in general?

Are you familiar with Carol Lynn Pearson and Kathryn Sonntag’s work, or have you listened to the above podcast episode? If so, what were your reactions to it?

How can motherhood, divine and human, augment our understanding and appreciation of Jesus Christ’s story?

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