A friend of mine posted on a private Facebook group and about the Ten Commandments and their relevance today. He found it interesting that the list illuminates some interesting priorities of its author. (For example, coveting and graven images make the naughty list while slavery and rape do not.)

My friend also wonder about the original objective of the Ten Commandments. What goal is it supposed to help us, god’s children, to reach? Could it be:

A. MORALITY – to help us choose the right

B. HAPPINESS – to help us find joy

C. CIVILITY – a social contract to help us get along with each other and perpetuate the species

Let’s pretend you are now God, and you’ve decided to update the Ten Commandments for your billions of children living in the 21st Century. How many of the original commandments would you keep? Which would you change? Do the first few seem outdated today? Are the ones at the end still relevant?

Here they are for easy reference:

1. No gods before me

2. No graven images

3. No taking the Lord’s name in vain

4. Remember the sabbath

5. Honor thy parents

6. Don’t kill

7. No adultery

8. Don’t steal

9. No false witness

10. Don’t covet

So have at it. What would your list look like?