Predictions are hard. Following up on my prior post I’m going to take the easy way out and predict another thing we won’t hear at conference instead of trying to guess what we will.

Yes, weather predictions would be interesting and easier to do, but here is another talk you won’t hear.

“Sisters and brothers. I apologize that I have not been clear enough. It isn’t the name of the Church that really matters or specific commandments.

What really matters is whether or not what we do, what we teach, what we hope for, whether those things bring us closer to Christ or not.

The sad truth is that with any large entity, the number of specific things you can get the members to do drops. That is why General Authorities give general advice.

Much of Conference is a collection of general messages, each of which will resonate with the needs of some and not others.

The same is true of the core commandments that define our community.

So, acknowledging the limits on how many specifics we can accomplish as a Church, and in order to try one more time to focus on being more Christlike, we are replacing the Word of Wisdom as a requirement for temple recommends with a rule of being more Christlike by ceasing to backbite, ceasing to gossip and to be kinder to ourselves and to others.

We should be the kindest people on earth.

Other speakers will address the specifics and the details.

God bless you, and lead you to more Christlike lives.”


Half of that talk in one form or another is constantly given. We are asked to be more charitable, more kind, more Christlike. To be concerned with the refugees and strangers in our midst.

The conceit of this talk is that by replacing the Word of Wisdom we would focus people to finally hear and respond to that message.

Would that work? Probably not (which is why we won’t hear this as a talk in conference).


  • What talk would you like to hear at conference?
  • What do you think it will take for us to be kinder to ourselves and others?
  • Do you think that refraining from gossip and backbiting is more or less important than the Word of Wisdom?