My post last week was on statistics and factors related to those leaving the church. It brought out some excellent comments.

While some people miss the enmeshed cultural community that existed twenty years ago, others felt it was overwhelming.

In short, the balance between “not enough” and “too much” social activity differs on a person by person basis.

The same is true of the balance between calling leaders young, to develop them, and relying on older leaders with more crystallized knowledge. Too much of one and there is no institutional knowledge, too much of the other and there aren’t enough people to keep an institution going after the old guard passes.

Much of what makes a church, or a society, or a family — any group really — is balance.

It is easy to see flaws (or what we think of as flaws) in the balance that do not favor our preferences but hard to see those that favor us but not others.

Especially when a group extends into many places, the overall balance is much harder to see.

Can you share a story of when a balance favored you but was bad overall? Or when a change you thought you wanted turned out not to be the solution you thought?