For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. Had Newton been more of a philosopher than mathematician and physicist, he might have said “For every rule, change, or requirement, there is an opposite unintended consequence”

President Nelson has asked us to not use the word Mormon or Latter-Day Saint when referring to ourselves or the church. For the church organization, he has done more than asked, he has mandated that the name Mormon/LDS be stricken from the roles. Mormon Tabernacle is gone, and so has LDS recently from the web site. It is now What is the untended consequence?

This post is NOT to argue the merits of emphasizing the name of Jesus in our name, as I think that is a noble goal. It is NOT to discuss if this is revelation from the Lord to our Prophet, or just his personal preference. It is only to look at one possible consequence.

Why the first is called the Melchizedek Priesthood is because Melchizedek was such a great high priest.

Before his day it was called the Holy Priesthood, after the Order of the Son of God.

But out of respect or reverence to the name of the Supreme Being, to avoid the too frequent repetition of his name, they, the church, in ancient days, called that priesthood after Melchizedek, or the Melchizedek Priesthood.

D&C 107

Here we have an example where merely saying “Son of God” too often would show disrespect and irreverence, so the church called the priesthood after Melchizedek.

Today with the change in the URL for the church web site, churchofjesuschrist is literally going be pasted across tens of thousands of computer screens at any give moment, and used in thousands of e-mail addresses. Will this diminish the name Jesus Christ to be a mundane cyber moniker? Does this show disrespect any more so than the church saying “Son of God” when referring to the higher priesthood? What is the long term consequences? Will Jesus Christ become more important by using his name, or could the “too frequent repetition of his name” show a lack of reverence and respect and lead to a devaluation of its meaning and sanctity? Your thoughts?