I once was hiking and got asked what I thought my daughters needed to know. My list was unusual (I think everyone could use a working knowledge of heroquests for example) but the graphic comes from a serious discussion on core things everyone’s daughter needs to know and isn’t going to be told.

  • How to say no!
  • How to set boundaries.
  • How to find value in yourself without regard to outside culture.
  • How to handle crucial conversations.

There has been a lot of discussion about what should replace Boy Scouts.  About twenty years ago the Church started exploring looking for replacements.  The biggest problem was that the people who were assigned were all heavily into Scouts and had a mental block – all they produced were clones of the Boy Scouts, only not quite as good. 

There has been a good deal of consideration since, and with the Church leaving Scouts, programs continue to shift. But what about programs in Church for girls?  What should we be teaching in today’s world?  Obviously we don’t need to teach how to tan leather at home, or similar things, but just what should we teach?

The graphic (used by permission from the author, from a private discussion) is a start.  But what else would you teach?  How?

I’d love our reader’s suggestions.

What are core things our daughters need to learn that are not being taught?