What does it mean as far as blessings are concerned for children to be sealed to parents? Why is it important? I know a Sister that is getting her sealing canceled to a former husband. She is then getting sealed to her current husband. She asked her bishop about her children she had with her former husband, and he said they will get their blessings from the original sealing to the father and mother, and they will retain those blessings. Somebody else then asked what would happen to the children in the hereafter.

That question got me to thinking on what we actual believe about the parent to children sealings. It is not like kids are going to live with their parents in heaven if they are sealed, and not live with them if they are not sealed. We will be living with our spouse, and our kids will be living with their spouses. The Church Handbook says that being born in the covenant “entitles children to eternal parentage”, and being sealed to a parent gives the children “the same right to blessings as if they had been born in the covenant.”

And what about vicarious sealings. We find a long dead relative, and have them sealed to their spouse in the temple. But then we seal the children to the parents. What good does that do, and what happens if they are not sealed? They are dead, so there are no earthly blessings they are going to get. Furthermore, as long as each is sealed to a spouse, with all the other temple ordinances, they have everything needed for exaltation.

What have you been taught about parent-child sealings? What specific blessings does a child and/or parent receive with this sealing? Are these blessing for this earth only, or do they extend in the eternities? What will they miss if they are not sealed, but otherwise receive all the saving ordinances?